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One of the most exquisite and increasingly rare shells, the Chambered Nautilus is now more heavily protected and will no longer be available for sale after this series has sold. 

The rare and beautiful pearl nautilus grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life and so has become a symbol for expansion and renewal. Said to represent the new moon, also a symbol of new beginnings.

But don’t be fooled by the exterior serenity of the exquisite nautilus shell. The Chambered Nautilus is a living fossil that has survived in earth's oceans for the last 500 million years. A cross-section of the shell of the Nautilus shows the cycles of its growth as a series of chambers arranged in a near precise Golden Mean spiral. It starts as a very small shell to protect the animal inside. As the animal grows, it outgrows its safe chamber and the Nautilus shell grows a new larger chamber to accommodate it. If you have ever seen a cross-section of a Nautilus shell you will notice all the small chambers that spiral around and around. These are all the ‘homes’ the shell has created. This is the essence of its symbolism of growth and evolution.

I love this idea that as you grow - physically, spiritually, mentally - your protective shell grows around you and protects you as you move through the chambers of your life. 

Shells are ethicaly sourced & may vary slightly in shape, colour & size

SMALL 13 W x 6.5 D x 10 H CM approx

LARGE  20 W x 12 D x 15 H CM approx



  • Refer to Shipping & Returns Policy

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