The sextant is a “doubly reflecting navigation instrument that works by measuring the angular distance between two visible objects” and derives its name from the shape of its frame which, traditionally, is one-sixth of a circle, or in Latin, sextantis/sextãns. Isaac Newton had explored its principles back around the turn of the 17th century, well before the invention of satellites and our ever-loved but over-relied upon GPS (or even electricity itself). For that reason alone, they make an invaluable tool for anyone planning to rewrite the record book and circumnavigate the globe in their handmade, one man canoe!

Sextent Width: 150 mm
Sextent Depth: 140 mm
Case Width: 155 mm
Case Depth: 140 mm
Case Height: 80 mm
Product Weight: 890 gm

Sextant Royal Marine

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