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This vintage style compass is handcrafted from quality brass alloy with an antique finish. It comes in a handmade, felt lined, wooden box, detailed with a brass latch and decorative anchor inlay. The rear of the case is embossed with a royal crown and “Coronation of Elizabeth II – June 1953″.

As with all our compasses, this model is fully functional containing top-grade magnets and a jewelled needle. There’s a solid bow attached to the outer case in the style of a pocket watch so it can be securely fasten when in use. This compass is a generous 70mm in diameter and features a traditional style 8-wind compass rose marked with 360 degrees in 10 and 20 degree increments.

Around the outer circumference is the inscription “J. H. Steward Ltd. Strand – London”. Renowned opticians and scientific instrument makers, the company J H Steward Ltd was founded in 1852. Amongst his many distinguished appointments, company head James Henry Steward was optician to Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s government.

A symbol of finding your path, of guidance, exploration and adventure, a compass makes a great gift for birthdays, graduations, corporate farewells and retirements.

Materials:  Alloy, Glass, Stone jewel, Indian rosewood, felt.

Key Attributes:  Top Grade Magnets, Manufactured & Checked to Australian Standards, 6 Cardinal Directions, 360 Degree Bearing Points in 20 Degree Intervals.

Compass Diameter: 70 mm

Case Dimensions: 100 (W)* 100 (D)* 40 (H) mm

Product Weight: 300 gm

Pack Contents: Compass, wooden box.

Colour: Antique Brass & Copper

J H Steward Portable Compass

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