Dollond Copper 55mm Pocket Compass

Made from solid brass with an antique copper finish, our Dollond London compass has a pocket sized 55mm diameter body. It is fully functional with top-grade magnets, jewelled needle and an easy-to-read compass rose. So it can be securely fasten when in use, there’s a solid ring attached to the outer case in the style of a pocket watch. When not in use, it can be stored inside its protective leather carry case.A family business, Dollond London, established in 1750, was one of the earliest optical and mathematical instrument specialists in the United Kingdom. When, in 1761 they were appointed opticians to the king, the Dollond reputation for superior quality was forged. In 1819 the business was passed on to nephew George, remembered by history for inventing a variety of new precision instruments for measurement, astronomy and navigation.On the rear of the compass case is engraved a poem by Jean Barlow Hudson. This poem is found at the base of a public sculpture in Milwaukee USA, Compass, by artist Jon Barlow Hudson, her son.

Inner time is limitless from past lives can no longer remember, only feel.

Time flows, and around me a continuum moves and swirls, engulfing me, and moves majestically beyond my inner sight or imagination.

This time is immense, a celestial sphere yet it does not forget me, does not neglect me.

It embraces me.

I am a part of its verity.

It is part of mine.

My life flows.

It flows.

A symbol of finding your path, of guidance, exploration and adventure, a compass is popular gift that is beautiful, personal and useful. Easy to take on hikes, bush walks or to the beach, this style is popular choice for both males and females. A great gift idea for travellers, graduations, corporate farewells and retirements..

Pack Contents: Compass & leather case

Colour: Antiqued copper & brass

Materials: Copper & other metals, glass, stone jewel, leather

Compass Diameter: 55 mm

Case Dimensions:75 (W)* 80 (D)* 40 (H) mm

Compass  Weight: 160 gm approx

Product Weight without case: 125 gm

Dolland Copper 55mm Pocket Compass

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