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Curved Glass 60mm Floating Dial Compass

This vintage style compass is skilfully handcrafted from solid brass with an antique finish.

Pack Contents: Compass & wooden box

Colour: Antiqued brass & dark wood.

Materials: Combination of various metals, glass, stone jewel. Indian rosewood box.

Key Attributes:  Top Grade Magnets, Manufactured & Checked to Australian Standards, 6 Cardinal Directions, 360 Degree, Bearing Points in 20 Degree Intervals.

Uses: Home Decor, Gift,  Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art and Craft

Compass Diameter: 60 mm

Case Dimensions: 85 (W)* 85 (D)* 45 (H) mm

Product Weight with Box: 285 gm

Product Weight without Box: 140 gm

Curved Glass Floating Dial Compass

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