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Brunton Sundial Compass.

Handcrafted combination Sundial Prismatic Military Compass is made from brass with an antique finish. It has a portable compass style design with a flip-open cover for easy use when hiking or camping. The internal spirit level can be used to ensure the sundial is horizontal when telling the time. Each comes with a handmade, felt-lined box for storage or display.

Our ship items above all else will present you as a thoughtful friend or associate who has taken time and put some effort into their ‘shipmates’ gift.

Pack Contents: Sundial compass, wooden box w/ felt lining

Colour: Antique brass & copper

Materials: Combination of metals, glass, stone jewel, Indian rosewood, felt

Diameter: 80 mm

Case Dimensions: 115 (W)* 100 (D)* 60 (H) mm

Sundial Weight: 750 g

Total Weight: 1 kg


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