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This vintage style compass is skilfully handcrafted from solid brass with an antique finish. The screw-top lid features a 1930 Australian penny design, with the words, “Life is a journey, not a destination” engraved inside. With a large 60mm diameter, it features a traditional eight wind compass rose and 360 degree bearing points. It is fully functional with top-grade magnets and jewelled needle. When not in use, it can kept inside the embossed, protective leather carry case.

Easy to take on hikes, bush walks or to the beach, this style is popular choice for both males and females. It is a great gift idea for travellers, graduations, corporate farewells and retirements.

Legendary amongst collectors, the 1930 Australian Penny remains one of the world’s most desired coins. Withdrawn from circulation, only a limited number of pennies made their way into general release.

Pack Contents: Compass & leather case

Colour: Antique brass

Materials: Brass, glass, stone jewel, leather

Key Attributes:  Top Grade Magnets, Manufactured & Checked to Australian Standards, 6 Cardinal Directions, 360 Degree Bearing Points in 20 Degree Intervals.

Compass Diameter: 60 mm

Case Dimensions: 75 (Dia)* 30 (H) mm

Product Weight with case: 170 gm

Product Weight without case: 130 gm

Australian 1930 Penny 60mm Portable Compass

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