he Hanging Planter Fish Tail Large is a large sized, beautifully designed planter that is fresh out of the works. Made in a stunning design using high grade ceramic material, it possesses a captivating aesthetic appeal that would charm and compel your customers to impulsively buy it even if they didn't budget on buying a planter before coming to your shop. Plus, it is made in a hanging design which optimizes space.

Deliberately made in a hanging design so as to optimize floor space, the Hanging Planter Fish Tail Large is made with several thoughtful features that make it a consistently sellable piece. While being perfectly useful in growing several kinds of plants, it is also very valuable for its aesthetic appeal which is engendered by its fish themed design. Measuring 18 centimetres in length and also in width, the ceramic planter has its upper part painted in sea green colour while the lower fish-tailed part is a reddish brown colour in imitation of terracotta.


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