The Hanging Planter Fish Tail Small is the smaller, but equally charming version of the larger sized Hanging Planter Fish Tail Large. This planter is made in a spectacular design which takes on the motif of a fish as the base of the planter is made to look like the tail of a fish showcasing even the scales present on the fish. It is made in a portable dimension which measures 12 centimetres in length, 12 centimetres in width and 16 centimetres in height.

The combination of several thoughtfully designed features of this Hanging Planter Fish Tail Small is what makes this planter a top favourite among our customers. The most conspicuous of these features is the elegant motif and fish tail shapeliness with which this planter is ornamented. Its upper part is smooth and glossy as it is painted in blue lacquer. The lower part however is shaped in the form of the tail of a fish with even the scales being showcased. This part is lacquered richly in reddish brown (terracotta) colour with a light white lacquer.


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