Measuring a portable 23 centimetres in total length, 7 centimetres in width and 11 centimetres in height, the Planter Wall Whale Small is a portable version of the Planter Wall Whale Medium though it is just as equally lovely and possessive of an endearing appeal in aesthetic outlook. This planter was artfully moulded through the use of premium quality ceramic material which is shaped in the form of a baby whale.

Did you know that baby blue whales are known to drink more than 220 litres of their mother's milk on a daily basis during their first 8 months after being born? That is more than what a human infant would take for a whole year! It is from these amazing blue whale babies that the Planter Wall Whale Small got the inspiration for its design. Cleverly crafted using premium quality ceramic material, features a whale shaped figurine which has the top of its back cut. 


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